Thursday, March 27, 2008

Too Big for the Block?

Eyesore or masterpiece? Lot of hubub lately over a gigantic house I walk by every morning in Studio City. Actually, two houses, connected with a walkway. The Redhead thinks it's the size of her elementary school. Residents outraged by coverage in the
Los Angeles Times story compared the structure to Whole Foods. The vertical slats do in fact look alot like the Magnolia Avenue / Coldwater Canyon Whole Foods store in the Valley.

Being a fan of minimalist architecture, I actually kind of like the clean lines. My problem is, it's do damned big. This housing complex - - two parents, two kids - - dwarves the nearby bungalows, blocks views, casts shadows and generally seems way out of scale.

I know, i know - - it's a capitslist society and whoever has the money to own the land can do pretty much whatever they want. Still, it's kind of sad to see the modest-is-okay sensibility give way to fortress mentality that's gobbling up one block after another around here.

photo credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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