Monday, March 17, 2008

Adam Carolla Survives Dentist, Makes Movie

Professional loudmouth Adam Carolla just came back from the dentist the first time I met him and had me practically in tears laughing at his stories about the bloody mess. Even in agony: funny guy. I visited Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel at their "Crank Yankers" office to talk about that show, where they had puppets dramatize audio tape of professional comedians torturing strangers over the phone.

Anyway, Carolla has his first movie out "The Hammer" when i caught up with him last week. He pretty much hates the studios who passed on his idea:

" Fuck them, is my feeling. they turned us down, so what are they, my buddies? I have to kiss up to them? They already passed on our movie and secondly, I've seen the work that they do. it's horrific . so fuck them. I don't want to be in business with them. Why do I give a fuck what they think

Carolla now has gleaming white chompers by the way. He popped up on "Dancing with the Stars" tonight.

link to Hugh's San Francisco Chronicle story

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