Sunday, March 30, 2008

Small Town Cinema

Maybe it's becasue I grew up in a small town but I have a weakness for movies like "Shotgun Stories." It's about a feud between brothers in rural Arkansas. Taciturn portrayal from Michael Shannon reminds me of Heath Ledger in "Brokeback Mountain." Director Chris Nichols made a great-looking wide-screen movie and told me it cosst just $53,000. Movie opens next week and / or, check it out on DVD when it comes out.

Another nice little film about small town folk plays at in April at the Sonoma Film Festival stars John "Cheers" Ratzenberger, It's called "The Village Barbershop." Modest but sweet, movie features a spunky turn from vagabond-turned-actress Shelly Cole as the Reno girl who helps a gambling-addicted widow get his life back together.

Hugh's San Francicsco Chronicle column: "Shotgun Stories"

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