Friday, March 21, 2008

Six Words: Life Story

April's Wired magazine has my short piece about the micro-memoir project. In book form, "Not Exactly What I Planned" features six-word autobiographies written by visitors to the site.

Try it!.

Here's a couple of mine:

bullied boy ran bands, now blogs
lonely rocker met Redhead, now domesticated.

Applied to a day in the life, goes six words go something like this.

Walk dog, drink coffee, vomit words.

Update March 24, 2008 Whoops. I spoke too soon - - the Smiths item got cut at the last minute. So, for yer reading pleasure, here's what almost ran in Wired.
"Not Quite What I Was Planning"

The hook: life story, six words. asked visitors for really short memoirs and collected 15,000 nutshell bios over the past year. Now in book form, the best one-liners zing straight to the heart of the matter: "Nerdy Girl Smutmonger, Now Baby Fever.” "Became my mother. Please shoot me." And, from McSweeney mastermind Dave Eggers: "15 years since last professional haircut."

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