Sunday, June 1, 2008

next up: Kathy Griffin: Funny + profane, plus the Surfer who raised 9 kids in a camper

I hung out with Kathy Griffin last week in her Hollywood Hills mansion, few minutes drive from the Studio City home base. I brought her a gift bag - souvenier whip from Indiana Jones and a pink tee - shirt from Marie Antoinette.

Griffin is a master of the F-Bomb, and really funny. The parts of the interview that are printabnle in a family newspaper will run in the New York Times May 22.

I saw a mind-blowing documentary recently called Surfwise, about the price that's paid for unfettered freedom. About an 85-year old surfer dude who with his wife raised nine - - nine!! - - kids in a 24-foot camper van.

More to come when I can let the steam out of my ears.